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Spanish Tortilla - Basic Recipe

"Tortilla de Patata"

We consider this the basic recipe for Spanish Tortilla and we aim to show you that with this Tortilla recipe the making of this Spanish quiche or savory pie is really not difficult at all!

You will find this easy Tortilla recipe - which contains only eggs, potato, onion, salt and pepper - on the counter of just about every Spanish tapas bar, often accompanied by one or more variations on the recipe.

Tortilla Recipe: Tortilla Ingedients; Tortilla Preparation;

Spanish Tortilla de Patata. Spanish Tortilla de Patata

Spanish Tortilla Ingredients

For this Tortilla recipe for the classic Spanish eggs and potato quiche you will need the following ingredients.

1 pound
5 or 6 tablespoons
1 tablespoon
1/4 teaspoon
fair dash
Potato, in thin slices;
Onion, medium size, in thin slices;
Olive Oil (for baking of the potato and onion);
Olive Oil (for baking of the Tortilla);
Salt (or to taste);
Black Pepper, prefereably freshly ground;

The above quantities of Potato, Onion and Egg should be enough to make a nice Spanish Tortilla, of which you can cut eight or twelve beautiful slices.

Spanish Tortilla Preparation

Preparation of a Spanish Tortilla is really a lot easier than it would seem:

Heat the Olive Oil in a Saucepan and softly sautee the Potato, Oinion, Salt and Pepper for like fifteen minutes until the Potatos are just done; Keep stirring the mix regularly, you want the Potato and Onion to look golden, not burned;

Leave the Onion and Potato mix to cool until luke warm; Putting the mix in a colander on top of a bowl is an efficient way to get rid of the excess oil;

Stir the Milk through the Eggs, add a pinch of Salt and freshly ground Pepper, and stir thoroughly;

Add the Onion and Potato mix to the Eggs, stir softly until you are sure that all potato particles are covered on all sides, and leave to rest for a minute or so;

Heat the tablespoon of Olive Oil in an 8 inch (20cm) diameter frying pan or skillet;

Slide the Egg and Potato mix into the frying pan; Use the backside of a fork or spoon to push any pieces of Potato protruding from the mix back down, making sure everything is covered in egg;

Bake the Tortilla for like a minute on medium heat, then switch heat to low; Depending on how far you let the Onion and Potato mix cool down, it may take anywhere in between 10 to 20 minutes for the Egg at the top to get done; You may use a lid on the pan to retain the heat;

As soon as the Egg at the top of the Tortilla sets, slide a large flat plate on top of the frying pan and turn the Tortilla around on the plate; Slide the Tortilla upside down back into the frying pan:

Spanish Tortilla in the Frying Pan, just turned upside down.

Let the top of this Spanish savory pie brown for a couple of minutes on low heat:

Turn the Tortilla around back onto the flat plate, and allow her to cool down:

¡Buen Provecho!

You can serve the Tortilla while she is still hot, but many people prefer her at room temperature - especially with a bit of Mayonnaise!

Tapas Suggestion:

Cut the Tortilla in slices and make a nice plate of luxury tapas with Tortilla:

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Spanish Tortilla de Patata.

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Spanish Tortilla de Patata.