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Bacon Wrapped Dates with Cheese

"Pinchos Jamon con Datil y Queso"

This pinchos recipe consists of Dates filled with Goats' Cheese and wrapped with a strip of Streaky Bacon, pinned on a toothpick, and then fried in Olive Oil until the Cheese has melted. The combination of the sweet Date, the salty Bacon and the creamy and somewhat sour Goat Cheese causes a taste explosion in your mouth and turns these Bacon Wraps into great fingerfood to accompany a few cold beers or any glass of wine.

Pinchos Recipe: Pinchos Ingedients; Pinchos Preparation;

Dates filled with Goats' Cheese and wrapped with a strip of Streaky Bacon Dates filled with Goats' Cheese and wrapped with a strip of Streaky Bacon

Pinchos Ingredients

For this easy pinchos recipe you will need the following ingredients.

16 pieces
16 strips
fair dash
Dates, seeds removed;
Goat Cheese, about 1.5 x 3/8 x 3/8 inches;
Streaky Bacon, or raw ham like Serrano Ham;
Olive Oil, for frying.

Count on at least 3 to 4 pinchos per guest.

Spanish Tapas - Bacon Wrapped Dates with Cheese Spanish tapas: Bacon Wrapped Dates with Cheese

For the pinchos on the pictures we have used Streaky Bacon which was sliced quite thin. Of course you can replace this by any other type of Ham or Bacon sold in the supermarkets in Spain, sliced thin or thick, like for example Serrano Ham or Raw Ham (Jamon Crudo).

We also prepare these nice snacks using Blue Cheese instead of the Goats' Cheese you see here. Tastes very good as well!

Pinchos Preparation

Preparation of these Dates, Cheese and Bacon Wraps is really quite fast and easy:

Unless you live in Alaska, put all ingredients and plates etc. in the fridge to cool down before you start;

Cut a Date open lengthwise, remove the seed if there, and stuff the date with a piece of the Goat Cheese;

Roll a strip of the Streaky Bacon around the stuffed Date, and fix the whole thing tight with a toothpick;

Store the Date and Bacon pinchos on a cold plate and store them in the fridge until you use them;

Before you fry these Bacon pinchos, take them out of the fridge and allow them to get to room temperature; In this way the Cheese will melt more easily without having to fry the Bacon too much;

Fry the Bacon pinchos in a fair layer of Olive oil, turning them regularly, until the Cheese starts to melt;
Tip: As an alternative to frying in oil you can also cook the Bacon wraps in the Microwave oven; (so you'll have "low calory" tapas ;o)

Serve when still warm!!

¡Buen Provecho!

These tapas with Cheese, Dates and Bacon can be prepared a day in advance and kept in the refrigetator until you are ready to fry them.

Tapas made of Streaky Bacon wrapped around Cheese Stuffed Dates

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