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Pimientos de Padrón

Coming Soon to Your Local Supermarket?

It's actually a bit strange if the Pimientos de Padron can not yet be found at your local supermarket or international store. Fact is that these thick little green peppers are cheap, healthy, easy to prepare, and first and foremost: they are very tasty indeed. They make fantastic fingerfood!

Pimientos de Padrón have a typical and unique aroma, and - except for an occasional little rebel - they have a lovely mild taste. These chiles can be eaten raw, like paprika, but they are at their best when shortly fried in a bit of olive oil, and then served with some salt sprinkled on.

Photo of Spanish Pimientos de Padron. Pimientos Padrón - Unos Pican, Otros Non...

The typical thing about Pimientos de Padron is that about 1 in a 100 will be quite a bit hotter than the rest. There's some rebels amongst them...

This fast and easy recipe shows the way Pimientos de Padron are usually prepared in Spain.

Pimientos de Padron Recipe: Ingedients; Preparation;


For this Pimientos Padrón recipe you will need the following ingredients:

(As a tapa for 8 persons)

1 pound
4-8 tablespoons
to taste:
Pimientos de Padron, washed and blotted dry;
Olive Oil - preferably Spanish, of course;
Seasalt (we love those seasalt flakes that you can grind between your fingers)

Picture of Galician Pementos Padron. In Spain the Pimientos de Padron are offered in Supermarkets in neat packages of 400 grams (almost one lbs). We bought these "Pementos Padrón" in Galicia (northwest Spain), hence the different spelling.

Preparation of Pimientos de Padron

Preparation of this pimientos recipe is really very easy:

Heat the olive oil in a skillet, saucepan or wok;

Picture of Pimientos de Padron in the Skottelbraai.

Add the Pimientos Padron and fry them for some five minutes - or a bit more - at medium heat, stirring constantly;

Image of Pimientos de Padron, frying in olive oil.

During frying the chilies will develop blisters;

Once the pimientos have blisters all around and start to wrinkle, they are done;

Photo of Pimientos de Padron.

Option: If you wish to take it easy on the calories, you could remove the excess oil from the chiles by letting them drain on paper towels after frying; (this is not really part of Spanish tradition and here at Tapas Bonitas we never do this - we go for the full taste sensation! ;o)

Transfer the chiles to a plate and sprinkle some seasalt over them;


¡Buen Provecho!

Serve hot or cold with a cool beer or nice glass of wine!

Note: the above pictures were taken on a Spanish campground where we fried the Pimientos de Padrón in a South African skottelbraai. This works very well, but at home we will use a skillet, a saucepan or a wok.

Spanish Gambas in Garlic Sauce. Spanish Tapas: Gambas in Garlic Sauce ("Gambas al Ajillo")

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