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Tapas Bread with Tomato

Pan con Tomate / Pa amb Tomaquet

Pan con Tomate consists of freshly toasted bread into which a tomato has been rubbed. This savoury dish is one of the easiest tapas recipes that we know of. At the same time this easy fingerfood is the perfect manner to get rid of your old bread in a responsible manner...

Tapas Recipe: Ingedients; Tapas Preparation;

Pan con Tomate - Bread with Tomato Pan con Tomate - Bread with Tomato

You will understand that this easy tapas dish will taste extra well in combination with a nice glass of wine or a cold beer!

Tapas Recipe and Ingredients

For this easy tapas recipe you will need the following ingredients:

8 slices
fair dash of
Toasted Bread;
Tomato, medium size, mature;
Olive Oil, prefereably Virgen Extra;

In Spain they use mostly white bread for this tapas recipe. Of course there's nothing in the way for you at home to use any bread you like...

Tapas Preparation

Preparation of these Spanish tapas with tomato is really quite easy:

Toast the bread in a toaster or a frying pan until it is crisp and golden brown;

Toasting Bread in a frying pan Toasting bread in a frying pan is real easy!

Cut the tomato in half and rub it thouroughly into each slice of toasted bread, making sure that the juice of the tomato penetrates the surface of the bread;

Sprinkle some olive oil over the bread.

¡Buen Provecho!

These tapas are made of fresh tomato rubbed into freshly toasted bread and are best served immediately! If you leave these for an hour or so the tomato juice with have soaked the bread completely and the magic will be gone...

Pan con Tomate - Bread with garlic and Tomato

Pan con Tomate y Ajo - One of the Variations

There's quite a few variations to the basic recipe for Pan con Tomate, for example Pan con Ajo y Tomate in which fresh garlic and pepper introduce some extra flavour!

Pan con Tomate y Ajo / Bread with Tomato and Garlic. Spanish Tapas: Pan con Tomate y Ajo

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