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Salmon with Cheese and Anchovy

Pinchos Salmon con Queso y Anchoa

This Basque tapas recipe consists of a slice of crispy long bread loaded with a slice of smoked salmon wrapped around a dot of cream cheese garnished with a roll of anchovy filet.

This style of pinchos on bread is very common in the tapas bars and restaurants of San Sebastian, Bilbao and other places in the Basque Country where in the Basque language they are called "pintxo".

Tapas Recipe: Tapas Ingedients; Tapas Preparation;

Tapas Salmon with Cream Cheese and Anchovy Tapas Salmon with Cream Cheese and Anchovy

Tapas Recipe Ingredients

For this Basque tapas recipe you will need the following ingredients:

4 ounces
10 tablespoons
10 strips
10 slices
Smoked Salmon, thinly sliced;
Cream Cheese;
Anchovy fillet;
Long Bread, as fresh and crispy as possible;
Toothpicks, large size;
Lemonjuice or Limejuice.

The above quantities should be enough to make eight to ten pinchos, depending on the thickness of the smoked salmon.

Basque Tapa of Smoked Salmon wrapped around Cream Cheese and garnished with Anchovy Smoked Salmon wrapped around Cream Cheese and garnished with Anchovy

Tapas Preparation

Preparation of these Basque tapas with Salmon, Cream Cheese and Anchovy is really quite easy:

Before you start, put all ingredients and plates that you are going to use in the fridge to cool down for an hour or so;

Roll strips of Anchovy filet and stick the Anchovy rolls halfway on toothpicks;

Use a tablespoon and tableknife to make lumps of Cream Cheese about the size of a cherry;

Spread a rectangular slice of Smoked Salmon on a plate, slide a lump of Cream Cheese on top of the Salmon, and roll the Salmon around the lump of Cream Cheese;

Stick the Salmon roll on a toothpick right next to the Anchovy roll;

Stick the loaded toothpick in a slice of Long Bread, align the Salmon roll and the Anchovy roll, and if necessary slide the Salmon roll and the Anchovy roll down until the Salmon touches the bread;

And Bob's your uncle!

¡Buen Provecho!

These tapas with fresh bread and salmon will keep quite well for an hour or so when stored in the fridge, but best is to serve them immediately!

Salmon Tapas with Cream Cheese and Anchovies

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