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Shrimp in Garlic Oil (basic recipe)

"Camerones al Ajillo" (Receta Básica)

We regard this particular recipe for shrimp in garlic oil as the basic recipe for Camarones al Ajillo: fast, easy and delicious! While in Spain they will use small to medium size shrimp (camerones or gambas) for this shrimp recipe, you can in fact take any size or variety of shrimp, prawn, langoustine, crevette, scampi, crayfish, yabby or koura that you can buy at the local market.

This easy recipe reflects the way garlic shrimps are usually prepared in Spain. As an alternative you could also try our Prawns in Garlic Sauce recipe: a bit more work than this one, but the taste is even more delicious!

Garlic Shrimp Recipe: Ingedients; Preparation;

Photo of Spanish Shrimp in Garlic Oil - (Camarones al Ajillo). Spanish Shrimp in Garlic Oil - "Camarones al Ajillo"


For this Spanish recipe for shrimps in garlic oil you will need the following ingredients:

(As a tapa for 4 persons)

1 pound
4 cloves
8 tablespoons
to taste:
Shrimp, raw, peeled;
Garlic, in slices of 1/8" - 1/4" thick;
Red Chile Pepper, in slices;
Olive Oil (for sauteeing, so not Virgen Extra;
Parsley, chopped;
Lemon Juice or Lime Juice, preferably freshly squeezed;
Bread, preferably fresh and cut at home (for dipping in that delicious and fragrant oil!)

Photo of Red Chile Pepper and Garlic - Guindilla y Ajo

Preparation of Spanish Shrimp in Garlic Oil

To make this Spanish shrimp recipe is really very easy:

Softly sautee the garlic until it starts to darken a little, add the chile pepper and sautee those a bit as well, making sure that the garlic does not blacken; You have now created a spicy garlic oil that's ready to receive the shrimp;

Add the shrimp and sautee the mix at medium high heat until the shrimp are done, keep stirring without interruption;

"Shrimp" or "Shrimps"?
The general belief seems to be that "shrimps" is used when various species of shrimp are referred to, and that on menus "shrimp" is the correct plural form.
But then, who cares? (!)

Photo of Spanish Shrimp in Garlic Oil.Spanish Shrimp in Garlic Oil, during preparation.

In the picture above you see us sautee the shrimp in a typically Spanish "sarten honda", a great pan that in Spain will cost you only a few Euros. But don't worry about the pan, sauteeing in your regular frying pan works just as fine, of course!

Serve in a flat bowl, sprinkle a bit of seasalt over the shrimp, garnish with some chopped parsley, add some lime or lemon juice, that's it!

¡Buen Provecho!

Serve the garlic shrimp while still hot and make sure you got an ample supply of fresh bread to dip into that killer garlic oil!

Photo of shrimp in garlicoil.

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