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"Costillas Asadas"

Spanish Spareribs from the Grill

For this Spanish Spareribs recipe we will first thoroughly marinate the ribs in an Adobo - a Spanish marinade - and subsequently slowroast them for a couple of hours in a closed barbecue (like for example a Weber kettle grill).

For those who don't have a barbecue: Grilling in the oven is no problem at all!

Spanish Spareribs Recipe: Ingedients; Preparation;

Photo of Spanish Grilled Spareribs (Costillas Asadas). Spanish Grilled Spareribs - Costillas Asadas

We first marinated these spare ribs overnight in an Adobo Español, and have subsequently cooked them for about three hours by indirect grilling in a closed charcoal BBQ at a temperature of around 300F (150C). The red color of the ribs is caused by the smoke.

We have copied this manner of grilling from Hot Smoke BBQ, and can assure you it works great!

You don't have a BBQ?   Relax...   Grilling in an oven works fine as well!


For this Spanish grilled spareribs recipe you will need the following ingredients:

(Tapas for 4 persons)

2 pounds (1 kilo)
Baby Back Ribs, Spareribs or Rib Tips;

For the Adobo Español - Spanish Marinade:

8 tablespoons
1/2 head
1 tablespoon
1 tablespoon
1/2 teaspoon
1 teaspoon
to taste:
Olive Oil;
Garlic, finely chopped;
Red Hot Chili Pepper, finely chopped;
Oregano, finely chopped;
Rosemary, finely chopped;
Black Pepper, freshly ground;
Lemon or Lime, squeezed;

Spanish Spare Ribs Preparation

If you fire your barbecue regularly this Spanish spare ribs recipe should not be difficult at all:

Remove the tough skin membrane from the inside of the rib slab, cut the spareribs from the slab so you end up with individual ribs, remove any excess fat and dangling pieces, if any;

Thoroughly mix the ingredients of the adobo and marinate the spareribs, one hour at least, a whole night is a lot better of course;

Prepare and fire your closed barbecue (check out "Juancho's Split Grill"), and try to create a temperature of around 300 degrees Fahrenheit (150 degrees centigrade) under the lid; Alternatively: Preheat your oven at 300F (150C);

Photo of Spanish Spare Ribs and Baby Back Ribs on the Grill. Spanish spare ribs and baby back ribs on the grill...

Grill the spare ribs in between two to four hours until they are done (low and slow is better than hot and fast...), turn the ribs around every hour or so;

Serve as a tapa!

¡Buen Provecho!

Image of Spanish Spareribs Tapas. Spanish Grilled Spareribs Tapas - Costillas de Cerdo Asadas

These Spanish slow roasted spareribs will taste very well when eaten cold, but of course they are at their best when still warm!

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