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Limon o Lima?   Lemon or Lime?

Spanish Tapas Ingredients

For your convenience we have collected this glossary of tapas ingredients and Spanish terms. This page is about the question: lemon or lime?

In Spain, fish and seashells are high on the menu. The refreshing sweet and sour taste of Lime and Lemon goes with fish like Tom and Jerry. Therefore we thought it would be good to show them both to you on this tapas website.

Check it out: Lime or Lemon?

Lime or Lemon?

While in Mexico and Venezuela in fact there's only Limes on the tables in the restaurants, in the Spain you mostly see Lemons. You will see Limes in Spain too, but a bit less than Lemons. This is probably a matter of availability on the local market, and the personal preference of the chef.

So when you go to your local market or supermarkt, it is up to you...

Lima (Lime)

In Spain, by "lima" they mean a lime, i.e. the smaller green type of citrus fruit of which the fragrant sweet and sour taste comes close to the yellow lemon, but not really...

Photo of Limas or Limes. Limas or Limes

Limon (Lemon)

In Spain, by "limon" they mean the ordinary yellow lemon, which do not necessarily have to look beautiful to have a delicious aroma...

Photo of Limones or Lemons. Limones: Lemons

Spanish Gambas in Garlic Sauce. Spanish Tapas: Gambas in Garlic Sauce ("Gambas al Ajillo")

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