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Spanish Onions of Figueres

Cebolla Dulce Violeta de Figueres

For your convenience we have collected this glossary of tapas ingredients and Spanish terms. This page is about the typical sweet violet onions of Figueres that you will come accross in many Spanish cookbooks and culinary sites.

Sweet Violet Onion of Figueres

This Cebolla Dulce Violeta de Figueres is a mild onion with a fresh and sweet taste and slightly bitter tones. Tastes very good when eaten raw, but will also bring a beautiful aroma to stews and paellas.

Photo of Cebolla Dulce Violeta de Figueres. The Cebolla Dulce Violeta de Figueres inside and outside.

Figueres, Figueras in Spanish, is a medium size town in the north east of Catalunya, in the foothills of the Pyrenean mountains, surrounded by fertile plains. By nature the land around Figueres has always been very suitable for growing onions!

Cebolla Dulce Violeta de Figueras, like they sell them in a Spanish supermarket. Cebolla de Figueras - Onions from Figueres, in gift wrapping...

While this onion variety is named after the town of Figueres and is known as such, it is grown in many other parts of Spain as well. We bought this particular bag of onions in the town of Figueres, but the contents were grown in Valencia... (Like Brussel sprouts can be from the Netherlands... ;o)

Spanish Gambas in Garlic Sauce. Spanish Tapas: Gambas in Garlic Sauce ("Gambas al Ajillo")

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