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On this page we have collected our favourite Tapas Links and other useful resources that you may be interested in.

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Tapas Blogs & Sites...

Arecetas Tapas (in Spanish)

Spanish Cooking Blogs & Sites...

There are quite a few very good Spanish cooking websites and blogs out there on the web. Although you may not be able to read the Spanish language, we highly recommend to take notice of them. If only for inspiration.

Or to find confirmation of how sophisticated and diverse the Spanish cooking culture really is.

Mercado Calabajio (by Carlos, Madrid, in Spanish)

Las Recetas de Mama (in Spanish)

Chocolate y Pimienta (by Elena, in Spanish)

Ana en la Cocina (by Ana, Menorca, in Spanish)

Food and Cook (in Spanish)

Mi Granito de Sal (by Maripepa, in Spanish)

Cocinando con Pasión (by Anna, Barcelona, in Spanish)

Maria en Esencia (by Maria, in Spanish)

Sites and Weblogs about Spain

Bringing Spain a bit closer to the rest of the world:

Sangria, Sol y Siesta (by Nieves)

Anthea's Virtual Jotter (spending a year in Vigo to see how it goes...)

Barcelona Photoblog (by Carlos Lorenzo)

Abroad in Spain (A look at Spanish life through an American's eyes...)

Thoughts from Galicia (by Colin Davies)

Bernardo Etxea Tapas Bar in San Sebastian. Tapas on the counter of the Bernardo Etxea Tapas Bar in San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain.   Go for it!!!

        Enjoy your Tapas!

Tapas Restaurants and Tapas Bars by Country:

Spanish Gambas in Garlic Sauce. Spanish Tapas: Gambas in Garlic Sauce ("Gambas al Ajillo")

Explore our Beautiful Tapas Recipes:

Basque Tapas Piquillo Pepper Stuffed with White Tuna on Bread.

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Gambas al Ajillo

Basque Tapas made of Tuna with Chopped Onion garnished with Anchovy on Bread.

Basque Tapas: Salmon with Egg and Mayonnaise on Bread

Mejillones a la Marinera

Paella de Mar y Montana

Easy Tapas made of Dates with Cheese and Bacon

Patatas Bravas a la Javi



Easy Pinchos made with Salmon, Cream Cheese and Anchovy on Long Bread

Easy Pinchos made with Salmon, Egg and Mayonnaise on Long Bread

Spanish Tortilla de Patata.